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Funniest comedy movies 2023 for Comedy Lovers

Are you scrolling through your social media account? Is there nothing entertaining going on? Did you watch a comedy short video and now craving some fun time? You must be thinking that it would be good to watch the funniest comedy movies. With the advancement of technology and the internet, entertaining ourselves on a calm, unpleasant evening becomes easier. Movies are a way that makes life your mood up instantly and boosts your mental health. Feeling good is all we need in this stressful life. However, now the time is changed, and you can Telugu movies online

 on the OTT channel Aha. Some of the recommendations for all-time funny movies are Swathi muthyam and the first-day first show. These movies have a classic sense of comedy that delivers throughout the movie.

Comical moments and laughter

Aha has many movies for your entertainment. However, its comedy collection is one of a kind. The platform has gems like Swati Muthyam and First day First show. The story of Swathi Muthayam portrays deep love between two couples who meet through their parents’ arrangement. However, after meeting a few times, they fall for each other and eventually agree to the marriage. But the plot twist and the female lead sees the male lead with a baby in hand. Who was the baby? If you want to know, do check out the whole movie on the Aha Platform.

The first-day first show is a nostalgic movie that brings you up to the 90s sweet love. The movie portrays sweet romance and the struggles that a lover faces to impress the girl. The movie starts at a college scene where the lead pairs are fans of the same actor and wants to watch his new picture. However, due to political reasons, their desire to watch its first-day first show goes through a lot of hardships. The film has decent delivery of comedy impact ideals and dialogues, which makes it the movie worth.

Telugu Movies

The OTT platform

Do you have a day off but got nothing to do? Are you feeling like days off are good but not enough relaxing for you? Would you feel anxious for no reason because all you are doing is scrolling down your social media pages in search of some entertainment? Moreover, your friends are too busy to spend their time with you. The OTT platform has many shows that can keep up company with you so that you no longer feel bored. Check out the platform to find Telugu comedy movies for your entertainment.

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